Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sydney Nova Scotia in Late August 2015

It was Hot and Humid in Sydney Nova Scotia during the 2nd Last Full Week of August 2015.  It has been Raining A lot in 2nd Half of July 2015 and in the 1st Half of July 2015 it was Sunny and Hot during the Daytime and it was Cool out during at Night in July 2015.  It brought Heavy Rain on Sunday August 9, 2015 and it turned Hot and Humid After That then People Had a Hard time To Sleep during the 2nd last Full week of August 2015 Because it was so humid and I had to Go Underneath the Waterfountain at the Wentworth Park to Get Cooled off during Hot and Humid Weather and it didn't cool down that much.  It Brought Thunderstorms in Sydney Nova Scotia on August 23, 2015 with a lot of Heavy Downpours.  It also Brought Heavy Rain with Very Loud Thunder on Thursday August 27, 2015 and Some of Peoples Basements got Flooded.

Here is the Pictures.

The Weather Looks Pretty Hot and Sunny Outside in Sydney and the Leaves are Still on the Trees down on Ingils Street Heading Towards Prince Street and the Grass is Still Green during the End of August and Pretty Soon the Fall will Be Here and the Leaves will be Starting to Changing Colors such as Yellow, Orange, Red and Brown.  The Weather is Still Hot during Late August 2015.

Inglis Street Heading Towards Open Hearth Park during the End of August Very Warm Weather and Hot outside and People are Required to Head to the Beach and Go Swimming during the Late Summer.  The Places the People are Going Swimming at the Beaches in the End of the Summer since the Weather is Still Very Warm in Late August.

Here is the Site where the Youth Club used to be on Inglis Street and the Old Youth Club Building was Torn Down on Friday February 14, 2014 and the Building is No Longer Standing and it is Now a Parking Lot Pretty Close to the Former Bus Station on Terminal Road in Sydney.

Here is the Horse Track Just off Upper Prince Street and Lorne Street in Sydney during the Hot Weather in the End of August.  No Horse Running and Walking Around at This Time and the Grass is Still Green.

Here is the Sun and Clouds up in the Sky and the Weather is Hot and the Maple Street Headed Towards Vulcan Avenue and it is Just off Welton Street during the Hot and Sunny Weather and the Clouds is Up in the Sky

Here is the Clouds up in the Sky during Evening and the Days are Getting Shorter during the Late August in Sydney Just off St. Ann't Street in the Whitney Pier Area and the Transformer are Seen and the Grass is still Green.

Here is the View of Sydney Harbor during the Warm Evening in Sydney Nova Scotia and it looks Nice and the Leaves is Still on the Trees in This time of The Year and clouds are up in the Sky.

The Whitney Pier Trail During Warm Evening in Late August.  The Days are Now Getting Shorter because the Fall of the Year will be Starting on September 23, 2015 and the Trail is Headed to Railway Street in Sydney during Late August.

The Lights is Lit Up on the Walkway at the Open Hearth Park in Sydney up by the Football Field during the Late August Warm Weather in Sydney and there are No Football Games nor Practice and Soccer Games nor Practice at this Time.

The Waterfountain looks so Beautiful During Evening at Wentworth Park in Sydney during Late August 2015 and the Lights are Lit Up and the Weather is Still Very Warm during Evening.

Here is Another View of the Wentworth Park where the Ducks are Still Standing in the Duck Pond and Pretty Soon the Ducks will be Flying Down South Just off Kings Road and Byng Avenue in Sydney.

Charlotte Street in Downtown Sydney looks So Beautiful during Late August Evening in Sydney.  The Lights are Lit up and it Gets Dark Earlier and Fall will be Here on September 23, 2015.  The Leaves will be Turning Different Colors soon Enough. This was Taken on the Corner of Townsend Street and Charlotte Street.